What to Wear

Erin loves helping her clients pick out their outfits for a photography session!

As you can tell from her unique photography style, Erin has a love for fun and bold colors. Textures and layers look great too. Accessories are wonderful and fun. Hats, scarves, leggings, bows, suspenders all add character to the photographs. Stay away from logos, characters, as well as shirts with words on them. We want YOU to be the main focus of your photos not your clothes. If you are having your child wear shoes to your shoot please make sure they are in good shape and not their “playground” shoes. Boots and fun shoes like converse, boats shoes always look great. For family photos, try not to be too “matchy matchy.” {The typical “old fashioned” kahki/jeans and white/black shirts makes Erin loose sleep at night} Try to pick a couple colors and coordinate them throughout your family using not just clothing but accessories as well.

Try to make sure the men have fresh hair cuts and shaves. Ladies, it’s recommended getting your hair and make up done if possible before your shoot. It will really make a difference and make you feel GREAT about yourself. Your extra confidence will show in your photos. {Ask about referrals to local hair stylists and make up artists in the Horry County area.}

Erin has created an album on my Pinterest account called “What to wear” with lots of great inspiration. So go check that out as well!

Please do not hesitate to contact Erin for further help with choosing your outfits. She truly loves doing it!